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Mrs. Harris is an attorney, author, wife, and mother to her son, Isaac. She has taken on the lack of narratives about black adoption by writing not one, but two books. (Her first book debuted at #1 for new children’s adoption books - evidence that our stories MATTER!) Her most recent book is available on Amazon - Forever Isaac. “My answer to the best thing about being a FAB Mom is son. Me becoming a mother was not an easy journey. IVF treatments (both failed), coupled with other issues.. I did not believe me becoming a mother would happen. I would find myself getting angry or jealous when I saw others expecting. We contemplated going through another cycle of IVF when my husband reminded me that my prayer was to be a mom, not to be pregnant. Those words clicked on a light bulb...motherhood is about nurturing, not simply nature. I prayed, we prayed that God would bless us with a son...we were specific in that prayer..healthy baby boy. We made that declaration December 2014. January 2015 we set the wheels in motion (adoption agency) and on October 12, 2015, we got our call that our son was born and his birth mother had selected us. I saw him for the first time the next day..and my heart exploded. This little being whom I had prayed for and whom had grown in my heart over the last 10 months was in my arms.

He is the best part about being a mom...period. He is the manifestation of every prayer...evidence of walking and existing in blind faith. He is our greatest blessing. We don't share DNA, but the love we have for him exceeds any blood bond.”

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