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Christine Beliard is the creator and curator of FAB Moms. She hails from Dallas, Texas, but has called Fort Lauderdale, Florida home since 2011. Christine is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and supervisor, professor, trainer, speaker, and consultant. Her work centers on the influence of historical racial trauma on couples and families of color.

She has provided clinical services to families for over 15 years, and has specialized in the provision of relevant training and direct services to African American couples and families. Her greatest achievement is her family. She and her husband David married on 12.13.14, and are the proud adoptive parents of David (DJ) and Ava.

FAB Moms is an outgrowth of the personal journey of Christine. When she and David considered adoption, they could not think of one Black person in their personal or professional networks who had adopted. There were so many questions, fears, hopes, and needs that they both held, but there were so few resources that spoke to them as Black people interested in adoption. Christine made it her mission to build her own network and community with other adoptive moms. This started from her need to be supported as she became an adoptive mom. Despite dominant discourse that centers the needs of white adoptive parents, Black people DO adopt, and have done so (both informally and formally) for generations. Social networking and the power of sharing her story has connected her with other Black adoptive moms. She was awe-inspired by the stories and strength of so many Black women who are also touched by adoption. Christine believed that there was a need for a formalized way for other Black adoptive moms to curate a safe space to share and support one another in their journeys. She envisioned a space that allows their voices and stories to be centered, and a place where Black adoptive moms can retreat to for support, wisdom, and sisterhood.



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